Hardest Bastards in Football: Dimitar Berbatov


Right, so straight off the bat, I am inducting Dimitar Berbatov in to ‘Hardest Bastards in Football,’ largely for the following reasons. I’ve just got a hunch about this one and really wanted to draw this picture so lets just go with it. Enjoy.

A: He looks cool

B: He looks mean

C: He looks like a Soviet sniper at The Battle of Stalingrad (I know he’s Bulgarian which wasn’t part of the USSR but was part of the Eastern Block so again, lets just roll with it)

D: He looks cool

E: He smokes a lot (which as we all know, makes you a hard man e.g Lemmy from Motörhead)

F: Doesn’t run a lot, doesn’t have to because he’s well hard

G: Draws amusing caricatures of his team mates and others (which as we all know, makes you a hard man e.g…no, can’t think of one at the moment)

H: He’s very cool

I: He sometimes wears a bandana (which as we all know, makes you a hard man e.g Rambo)

J: Already referred to but was born and raised in Bulgaria which I can’t imagine is an easy gig but I may be wrong. In fact it’s meant to be very good skiing. All justifiable I’m sure you’ll agree. Put your fag out for a moment, Berbo and shake the hands of your fellow bastards.

'Article' and Illustration by Philippe Fenner

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